2017 1st Quarterly Mini Conference

March 4, 2017

Celebrating the Celtic Nations

Our Mini Conference was held at the Hillside Stake Center   1425 S. 1900 E.  Salt Lake City

Check In was at 12:30 P.M and Welcome will start at 1:00 P.M  March 4, 2017 in the chapel

Started with an opening song: Praise to the man #27 Text: William W. Phelps, 1792-1872, Music: Scottish folk song

Opening Prayer was given by Lori Timothy, (BRASS Committee)

Scott Shore introduced the workshops then everyone was excused to go to the workshops or to the Family History Center that was open during the time of the workshops.

Everyone met back in the chapel for the Keynote speakers. Then march to the bagpipes to the Dinner and Entertainment.

There was also a Thank You to Steve Harmsen and a demo of our new website.


Workshop by Mark Jardine

At 1:30 pm Mark Jardine presented “History of early converts to the Church from Celtic Nations” Then at 2:45 he presented “Understanding Celtic Music and its purpose.”
Mark’s presentation is engaging and fun. He is a recognized historian for his knowledge of Hymns and Folk songs that were emerging during the early days of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was a member of the Utah based group “The Beehive Band” where he was featured playing the Fiddle and Concertina. The band has released two CD’s. In 2008 Mark was nominated for a National inheritance award that deals with research of Utah music which the Beehive Band does. The band was also nominated and chosen to represent Utah by the Library of congress for the Folk life Concert Series in Washington, D.C. Getting the Beehive Band to the Kennedy Center was the culmination of a series of interesting events.



At 1:30 Dianne Yancey presented: The Peaks and Valleys of life; Why are the Peaks greased?



DAVE AND CAROLYN SHARP invite you to travel back in time for an intriguing adventure with Celtic story telling and the haunting music of Carolyn’s harp and Dave’s flute dressed in period costumes, hand carved visuals to enhance their story telling, with elements of culture, history and language. Stories like Tom the tailor, The Goblins flute, the magic spectacles, Vocals are sung in Gaelic, Welsh and English. Dave and Carol Sharp have toured and played in many major festivals throughout the country.



THE GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPE – Arvey McFarland – Bagpipe Player The Great Highland Bagpipe played on special occasions, has been a tradition in the Scottish Highlands for centuries. The inspiring music of the noble instrument was performed by pipers to accompany song and dance, the celebration of births and weddings, rally fighting men into battle, and lament the passing of loved ones. As Scots and their descendants the world over celebrate their cultural heritage, the tradition of employing a piper remains the hallmark of any memorable event.



After everyone is seated there will be a performance of Celtic Music provided by Mark Jardine on Fiddle and Paul Rasmussen on Acoustic Guitar Mark and Paul were members of The Beehive Band, performing old-time traditional Utah and Mormon music. These performers have been favorites in Utah for three decades. They also play Celtic music in a group called Tenpenny. They play traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and the Isle of Man.



Then the CELTIC BEAT IRISH DANCERS will perform. LaRae R. Thackeray dance school Celtic Beat is a group of trained dancers from Layton, Utah. Celtic Beat was formed in 1998 to promote Irish culture and to provide performing opportunities to young dancers. The group ranges in age from 8 through 18 years of age. Celtic Beat performs in the tradition of “River dance” to jig and reel music in soft-shoe and hard shoe. Celtic Beat performs annually at the “Celtic Celebration” at Ogden’s Peery’s Egyptian theater with invited special Celtic musical. They perform on stage to live music. The dancers have performed this summer at the Bountiful Handcart Days and the Bountiful Summerfest. The dancers have received training from Marty Dowd and Joann Evans of “River dance”, Jack McCardle of the McCardle Irish School in Connecticut, and Molly Bennett from Denver. They have attended workshops with the Trinity Irish Dance Company.